Armando_DeferrariBorn in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1953, Deferrari began braiding in the 1970’s while attending the ‘Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires’. In 1975 upon graduation, he began his career as Doctor in Veterinary Medicine in Tandil, Argentina, where he nurtured relationships with traditional rawhide braiders and silversmith who created tools for the Gaucho trade. Deferrari’s passion with the Gaucho’s heritage and traditions motivated him to performed extensive research through area museums and private collections of Gaucho gear owned by friends and associates.

Deferrari enhanced his skills as a traditional rawhide braider with the assistance of fellow braiders Maximo Coll and Don Luis Alberto Flores. Subsequently he started studying and learning the art of silversmithing in the Gaucho style, becoming a master in the craft to compliment his braid work.

Since 1984 Deferrari has served as Director of the Heritage Center in the City of Tandil, Argentina, where he actively participates in training seminars and workshops, as an ‘ad honorem’ instructor, for aspiring craftsmen of all ages.

Deferrari has frequently participated in trade shows and exhibits throughout Argentina in an attempt to safeguard the Gaucho’s culture and heritage and in furtherance of public education.

His work has been exhibited at: the Prix de Diane Hermes in Chantilly, France, the ‘Feria de Nuestros Caballos’ sponsored by the ‘Sociedad Rural Argentina’ (SRA) in Buenos Aires, the VII Congress of the World by the Equine Veterinary Association in Buenos Aires, the Panamerican Endurance Race in Pinamar, Argentina, the 22nd National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, and most recently The Trappings of Texas by Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas.

Defarrari has traveled as ‘Ambassador of the Gaucho Culture’ to numerous countries and most recently to the United States of America where he has participated in rawhide braiding seminars and workshops. His quest for knowledge and his passion for the Gaucho’s legacy and the horse had driven Deferrari to crossover and he has started studying and learning about the Western Heritage and the Vaquero culture through the tools of their trade.

In 2008 Deferrari became one of the first international members of the TCAA along with longtime friend and rawhide braider Pablo Lozano.

In 2009 during the 23rd Trappings of Texas Deferrari was awarded the Best of Show in rawhide braiding. Furthermore, Deferrari has been featured in Range Magazine.


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