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Education and Mentorship in Bit & Spur Making, Silversmithing, Rawhide Braiding and Saddlemaking.

TCAA Fellowship

Awarded annually to a craftsperson who is passionately committed to pursuing excellence in one of the four disciplines of the TCAA.

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Mom's Scholarship

Helping emerging craftswomen develop and improve their abilities, the Mom’s Scholarship is available to aspiring female artists.

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TCAA Education Program

Ensuring the knowledge and skill of the cowboy arts is passed onto the next generation. Started in 2001, the TCAA’s Education Program includes annual workshops, seminars, individual mentoring and education opportunities.

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Cowboy Renaissance

Cowboy Renaissance tells the story of the TCAA—its origins, its evolution, and its impact on the contemporary West, featuring a fine collection of artists’ works in beautifully printed quality.

Available to purchase by phone, email or online.

Phone: 800-243-5308 or 406-728-1900

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