Wilson Capron

Wilson’s love for the western way of life began as a young boy working along side his father and cowboy artist, Mike Capron, on ranches in west Texas. He loves to rope and in college Wilson took a job with Greg Darnall cutting out parts for bits and spurs to pay entry fees in ropings. At this point he did not have any desire to make bits and spurs until Greg asked if he’d like to try his hand at engraving. Wilson found that it was a whole lot of fun and began learning the trade.

He returned to west Texas in 1999 with 2 months worth of orders under his belt and from that point on he never caught up. In the beginning, bits and spurs were a way for Wilson to use his engraving. Today, his passion is not singled out to one area, all aspects from the design to the metal work are truly a joy to him.
In the beginning of Wilson’s career, people would call him an “artist”and he responded, “no thats my dad.” Now he welcomes that and considers his work and the work of his peers to be 3 dimensional art. WIlson looks forward to the day that gear maker’s will be known as working artists!
Wilson is passionate about the TCAA and continuing to educate the public on the art of bit and spur making. He is constantly making efforts to expand this knowledge by traveling to various shows and connect with the public through his website and Facebook.

Article by Katy Capron