Mission Statement

The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association is dedicated to preserving and promoting the skills of saddlemaking, bit and spur making, silversmithing and rawhide braiding and the role of these traditional crafts in the cowboy culture of the North American West.


The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association grew out of a meeting of leading Western craftsmen in the Spring of 1998. This elite group of saddlemakers, bit and spur makers, silversmiths and rawhide braiders found common cause in the need to attract the next generation to take up these four disciplines and the equally important task of helping the public understand and appreciate the level of quality available today and the value of fine craftsmanship.

The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, whose mandate is an ideal complement to the goals of the TCAA, agreed to host an annual group exhibition and sale, with the inaugural event coinciding with the opening celebration for the museum’s square foot expansion in September, 1999. The national Cowboy Museum has hosted the exhibition each year since.

The TCAA and Museum have added an annual seminar which offers three presentations on related Western Heritage subjects as well as two professional level workshops organized as a joint venture of the museum and the TCAA. A mentoring program was also established in the early years, which to date has provided one-on-one instruction to aspiring craftspeople. TCAA programs which include the exhibition and sale, seminars, workshops, scholarships and mentoring are all aimed at achieving the TCAA’s stated goals, through education.

See: TCAA Bylaws

TCAA Leadership

Our officers serve on a rotating basis from within the ranks of the members. Over time, this gives all members an opportunity to serve. Every two years, in September, we elect a new Trustee and the current Vice President moves up to assume the role of President while the previous Trustee becomes the new Vice President.

Our leadership is as follows:
President: Wilson Capron
Vice President: John Willemsma
Trustee:  Scott Hardy
Secretary/Treasurer: Cary Schwarz

Founding Members:
Michael Beaver, Emeritus Rawhide Braider
Mark Dahl, Emeritus Bit and Spur Maker
Mark Drain, Emeritus Silversmith
John C. Ennis, Emeritus Bit and Spur Maker
Scott Hardy, Silversmith
Dale Harwood, Emeritus Saddlemaker
Bill Heisman, Emeritus Bit and Spur Maker
Don King, Emeritus Saddlemaker
Ernie Marsh, Bit and Spur Maker
Al Pecetti, Emeritus Silversmith
Cary Schwarz, Saddlemaker
Chuck Stormes, Saddlemaker
Al Tietjen, Emeritus Bit and Spur Maker

Affiliates:  Steve Bell,  Don Bellamy,  Domingo Hernadez,  and J. Kent McCorkle.