Cary Schwarz Saddle with Scott Hardy Silver

It’s a Beautiful Sunday afternoon in the heart of Alberta’s Cowboy Country, I’m in my shop working on my main 2018 TCAA project. If that sounds like a Complaint it’s Not!

As a Western Silversmith commissions are the backbone of my work. I look forward to the challenge each client brings to creating a piece that holds meaning and pleasure for them.

But I have to admit TCAA pieces hold a special and different meaning for me. These pieces represent the opportunity for unbridled creativity, finally allowing those thoughts and ideas out of my head and into precious metal.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association’s Annual Exhibition & Sale. The shows objective is simple yet complicated- Create Works that Push Technical, Design, Artistic and Creative Boundaries in the four Cowboy Art disciplines (Silversmithing, Bit and Spurmaking, Saddlemaking and Rawhide Braiding). I feel blessed that as a founding member I have participated in each of the shows. As a matter of record over the last 19 years between my own pieces and pieces I have collaborated on I have averaged 9 projects per year which translates to 171 projects to date.

These projects whether my own or a collaboration require long hours of Thought, Planning and Work. But truly for me they represent Knowledge, Experience and Growth as a Craftsman, Artist and Person.

Hardy Shot Glasses

Beginning my journey as a Western Silversmith 39 years ago my Number One Goal was to become the best I could be. Thank You to the TCAA, NC&WHM, Collectors, Clients and Family for this Opportunity making it possible for me to work towards that goal.
See You in the Fall.