I think that in some one’s quest to become the best that they can be in what ever their passion is, a couple of things need to line out. Probably the most important is to have a really good work ethic ! A nice organized work station is important, good tools, sharp ones if they have an edge,and always use good materials.

Being around experts in your field is another great idea but of coarse that isn’t always an option. But what you can do to give your self an edge up is to throw your pride away. Then ask a QUALIFIED person to give you a honest critique. Does it hurt a little ? ? Ya, it sure can. Usually a good qualified expert will first find something positive to say, before pointing out the things that you do not see.

I personally have a mental issue where I think I get fixated on one thing and then I’m unable to see the things that I should see, like a fuzzy edge or a tool mark that shouldn’t be visible or a hundred other things . When these things have been pointed out to me I’m like incredulous that I didn’t see it myself right off the get go, but some times we just don’t ! So, set your pride a side, ask some one who’s work you admire to give you a critique and tell them to sock it to ya !

Work Hard and have Fun !

RC Bean