Day 1– Tanner brought an overlay buckle he fabricated at Scott’s in January, to engrave with me. We discussed the process, and I had him engrave a practice plate before he dove off into the buckle. Later that day he started Beveling and sculpting his scrolls on the buckle.

Day 2– Tanner continued engraving his buckle. We discussed shading leaves, and worked it out on paper. It took him most of the day, but he finished the buckle.

Day 3– Tanner wanted to work on his fabrication and soldering. So we dove into the process of making a flask. We built a die and he was able to have out both sides of his flask punched out in silver by the end of the day.

Day 4– Tanner started the day out by designing and drawing his overlay for the flask. After lunch he cut out his overlay, and them started sculpting on a buffalo head that took the remainder of the day.

Day 5– The overlay for the flask was ready to be soldered on. After that we soldered both sides of the flask together, and cleaned up the seams. After lunch Tanner started fabrication of the spout and cap.

Day 6– Tanner finished up the fabrication and soldering of flask that morning. He used the Foredom to clean up he seams and overlay. Then took the buffer to slap a high gloss finish to his flask.

I must say that it was a pleasure having Tanner
in my shop for the week. He has a great attitude, and works hard on implementing the changes necessary to excel.