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TCAA 2023 Sale

Showcasing the art of Western bits, spurs, rawhide braiding, saddlery and silverwork, the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association Exhibition & Sale opens to the public on October 6, 2023 and is on display through January 2, 2024.

October 6 – 7, 2023

Symbolizing the connection between horse and rider, the saddle is an iconic piece of western life. Saddlemaking requires many finely-honed skills that can be admired in each finished piece. From the initial design of the saddle to the meticulous carving and stitching of leathers, every detail tells a story of craftsmanship.

Whether it is a buckle, saddle silver, or flask, the works of a master silversmith carry deep meaning as they speak to the personality of both the artist and wearer. The traditional technique of a western silversmith is a rare expertise which utilizes bright cut engraving for elaborate designs that reflect light in precious metals

The bit and spur are used as a form of communication between horse and rider that creates a united partnership. This craft is accomplished with steady, skilled hands and an artistic mind of a master bit and spur maker. The forging of mouthpieces, the filing of bit shanks, and the engraving of heel bands all require a mastery of metals and design, with a practical knowledge of the elements of effective tack.

Crafting braid work from animal hides is a time-honored tradition in the West. Rawhide braiders are highly trained artists who have mastered the patience, concentration and dexterity needed to prepare, cut and braid these beautiful and durable works of art. Each piece is a significant transformation of natural material into intricately braided patterns and designs.

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TCAA 2022 Sale

Art Sale Event October 6th - 7th 2022, guests from across North America celebrated our artists accomplishments with an exhibition of 55 western masterworks in leather, steel, silver and rawhide.

For the first time, the annual TCAA exhibition and sale offered a few additional pieces from previous exhibitions that artists had reserved for their personal collections. These “encore” pieces provided an opportunity to view the artist’s evolution over the years.

More than 75 percent of the artwork sold yielding more than $450,000 in sales. A few pieces are still available via the Museum’s website. The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association exhibition will also be on view at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum until January 2, 2023.

Since the first exhibition in 1999, the TCAA artists have created more than 900 uniquely Western works of art that have been documented in handsome annual catalogs. These pieces have changed the perception of Western craftsmanship and energized the field of equestrian arts.

Where Craft Becomes Art

Art of the West profiles the importance of preserving and promoting Cowboy Arts and the upcoming annual Traditional Cowboys Arts Association show.

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Leland Hensley: His art, his process, and his inspiration

Rawhide Braider and TCAA member Leland Hensley has developed a reputation among collectors, working cowboys, and his fellow craftsmen for excellence in design, beauty, and functionality. Here he talks about his art and TCAA’s upcoming annual show.

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60th Western Heritage Awards

This year, at the 60th Western Heritage Awards—hosted by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum—the TCAA was honored to receive the prestigious Wrangler Award for our contribution to the preservation of
Western Culture.

In addition, TCAA members Scott Hardy and Beau Compton were privileged with the task of creating two completely bespoke belt buckles to honor Lifetime Achievement Award winners, Robert Duvall and George Strait.


Bring Home A Piece Of The West TCAA is excited to partner with The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to showcase the best in Western bits, spurs, rawhide braiding, saddlery and silverwork. We look forward to seeing you here. If you are unable to attend, proxy bidding is available by contacting Trent Riley at

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Scott Hardy – The Legend of a Western Silversmith

TCAA Silversmith and founding member Scott Hardy recounts some of his own artistic journey and shares his passion to see the future of this traditional handiwork carry on.

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Michael J. Nicola – When Craft Becomes Art

Michael J. Nicola tells the story and purpose of the TCAA—to capture and preserve the culture of the cowboy and the West, while elevating traditional Western crafts into celebrated works of art.

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The 2024

An Annual collection of the premier pieces in each discipline

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