PabloBioPicBorn in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina in August 30th, 1964, and started learning about braiding at the age of 15. Family tradition tied him into Argentina’s cattle heritage since the 19th century. After graduating from the Champagnat College in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lozano started studying the art of rawhide braiding from his mentor Don Luis Alberto Flores. Subsequently he started studying and learning the art of silversmithing from Daniel Escasani. Lozano’s traditional rawhide braiding is recognized for its dependable use and unique beauty due to his personal style and creative talent. Since 1987 Lozano has performed as an ”ad honorem” instructor at the Heritage Center in the City of Tandil, where he has permanently resided since 1985. Through his career Lozano has schooled and mentored several aspiring rawhide braiders from his shop/studio in Tandil. He believes in the concept of aprenticeships as a means to educate and safeguard the Gaucho’s cultural legacy.

Lozano frequently participates in trade shows and exhibits throughout Argentina in furtherance of public education and to ensure the continuing enhancement of the Gaucho crafts. His traditional rawhide braid work and silverwork has been exhibited at: the ”Exposicion de Artesanias Tradicionales Argentinas” and the ”Feria de Nuestros Caballos” sponsored by the ”Sociedad Rural Argentina” in Buenos Aires, the VII Congress of the World by the Equine Veterinary Association in Buenos Aires, the Panamerican Endurance Race in Pinamar, Argentina, the 22nd National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, and most recently at The Trappings of Texas by Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas.

Along with his mentor, Don Luis Alberto Flores, Lozano has represented Argentina in the First ”Concurso de Guasqueros Uruguayos” in Montevideo, Republica Oriental del Uruguay. Lozano has received numerous awards for his traditional rawhide braiding from the ”Sociedad Rural Argentina” since 1995. Furthermore he has received the following prestigious awards: ”El Guasquero,” ”Challenger Luis Firpo Miro,” ”Banco Nacion Argentino,” ”Patacon Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires”and the most recent, the ”Santos Vega” for the best Argentine rawhide braider of the year 2007.

One of Lozano’s greatest personal achievements has been that several of his rawhide creations had been juried by a panel of his peers and awarded in fourteen different occassions ”best of show”for his functional qualities, traditional values and eye appeal. Fullfilling of pride and joy his mentor and longtime friend Don Luis Alberto Flores, whom by his own account is not at the caliber of his diciples but has created a legacy in Argentina and several other countries through his devotion for education and training, as well as his numerous rawhide braiding publications.


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