Wald-Bio-BW-webNate Wald began braiding in 1989. He considers himself self taught through books and experience but is thankful for help from Ed Dubeau, Bryan Neubert, Bill Dorrance and Vince Donley. Wald believes learning is an endless process. “I hope I never reach the point where I feel I can’t improve or learn something from somebody.”

Wald believes a piece of braid work should be useable whether built for a cowboy or a collector. He pays close attention to lengths, dimensions and durability. “I want to make the finest, most beautiful, unique gear I can produce; without losing tradition, functionality or straight clean work… There is no substitute for straight, clean work.” Believing quality material is essential to a quality product, Wald insists on making his own rawhide and cutting his own string. This process adds labor and time but is well worth the effort.

Ranching and the use of horse gear are a way of life for the Walds. Wald and his wife T.J. run cattle and raise American Quarter horses on the family ranch near Lodge Grass, Montana. “I feel very blessed to do what I do and live the life that I live. Working side by side with my wife and family every day in the most beautiful cattle country God ever made is a lot to be thankful for… If I make something now and then that someone can use or appreciate that’s nice too.”


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