Mark Dahl grew up as a cowboy in the cattle ranching community of Starr Valley near Deeth, Nevada. From an early age, he loved to ride and train horses. Dahl had always been fascinated with silver-mounted bits and spurs, so in 1982 he decided to try his hand at silversmithing. It was a daring decision considering he had five children and another soon to join the family.

While in high school, Dahl made a couple of pairs of spurs and he was a good welder, but had no formal training for his new occupation. He relied on his natural artistic instincts, his working knowledge of cowboy gear from his days as a buckaroo and rancher and his innate ingenuity.

Dahl also relied on trial and error. Some things worked better than others, so he tried to repeat the successes and improve upon his failures. Soon he was selling his bits and spurs to neighbors and family members. Word of mouth brought him business from afar. Dahl now has customers willing to wait years until he can fill their orders.

Though beautiful works of art, everything Dahl builds is also very functional. He strives to please the senses with his creations. The jingle bobs on the spurs and the crickets on the bits delight the ears. The silver is cool and smooth to the touch. Horseman often say the mouthpiece tastes good to the horse. And, of course, the bits and spurs he creates are lovely to look at.


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