beau-comptonBeau Compton was born and raised in a rodeo and ranching family, and has always had a deep appreciation for western heritage and a love of rodeo, team roping professionally for many years.  His parents and grandfather all dabbled in art, and he was always drawn to creativity.   These deep western roots and artistic influences led to a great interest in western art, initially in bit and spur making.

Beau started silverwork in approximately 1997.  His father-in-law introduced him to Vic Vasquez, who was a saddle maker, silversmith, and bit and spur maker who had worked for Visalia, and taught many other makers.  Vasquez pushed him to focus on the art of silverwork.   Over the next few years, he continued silverwork, but vacillated between a part-time and hobby basis.  “In 2006, I found myself in a job away from my wife and infant son.  With the support of my family, and the faith that it was a God-directed decision, I soon quit that job, and started to pursue silverwork as a full-time business.  I have since been blessed to be able to support my family with my business.”

salinas1997Beau has worked consistently at building his business and improving his product.  Generous and talented artists Wilson Capron, Scott Hardy, Mark Drain and others have been a source of great knowledge and influence.  In 2015, Beau was awarded the TCAA Fellowship and was able to go to Scott Hardy and Mark Drain’s homes and spend time learning from them.  Beau is forever grateful to the Emerging Artist and Fellowship programs, and largely credits these opportunities for propelling his work to the level of TCAA membership.

Beau currently resides with his wife and two children on his in-laws’ family-owned cow/calf operation.  Beau says, “It is a blessing to raise my children, who are sixth generation on the ranch, in this environment and to perpetuate western lifestyle and values.”


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