herman-oaksThe TCAA is proud to welcome Hermann Oak Leather as a sponsor and supporter of its ongoing programs. Hermann Oak Leather has been tanning quality leathers in St. Louis, Missouri for the world’s leading saddlemakers since 1881 and continues to produce the leather that makes the TCAA level of craftsmanship possible.

From high-quality saddle skirting to technical advice and financial support, Hermann Oak Leather has become an important TCAA partner. — Chuck Stormes

Leatherworking experts look for a leather which carves easily and stamps deeply.  When these key features are combined with a vibrant color, solid feel, and level dyeing and oiling qualities, the result is a leather of outstanding versatility and rare beauty.  This is why Hermann Oak leathers are among the most preferred of any available today.  Our leathers take the boldest designs as well as the finest, most delicate details.  Impressions stay deep, even with repeated flexing.

The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association & Hermann Oak Leather sounds like a natural fit, we both believe in not only the past but the future of the traditional cowboy trades and both believe that quality without compromise is the key! — Scott Hardy

Experienced leatherworkers value Hermann Oak Leathers for their excellent cutting yield, which derives from their greater area, clean flesh, and consistent body throughout.


Hermann Oak Leather Company is the leader in the leather industry for all the right reasons: Consistent quality, moldability, color, durability, and availability to name a few. I always reach for Hermann Oak because I want the finest leathers for my projects.  — Cary Schwarz

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