As December rolls thru our lives and we look back at the past year we can’t help stumble over a years worth of clutter . Much like my leather scrap box which is overflowing ( or your silver scrap or rawhide bin ) I wonder what do you do with it . As the leather scraps go I invested in some machinery to help thin it and cut it into products that will bring in in income …….When I can find the “Time ” .  

So it all boils down to “Time” ……and how to use it effectively

I honestly at times didn’t utilize my time in the best way this past year …hence the end of the year “Clutter” . Did I do that project.. Did I write that important note or thank you card …the list of my clutter can get pretty long and I stumble over it at times .

So as the new year approaches I’m going to attack my life’s clutter in the same way I approaching my leather scrap pile…. I’m going to make “Time” to clean it up and not let it build up to the point of tripping over it .

So it brings us back to “Time”

My resolution is to use it more wisely mainly because it is to precious to waste !!
And I’m  using this moment in time to wish you all a blessed holiday season and hope that  we all use our precious time wisely

John Willemsma