313 (2)The 2nd Annual TCAA Emerging Artist Competition was held on January 25th and 26th at High Noon Western Americana Auction and Show in Mesa, AZ.

All the entrants came with their best pieces which made for tuff work for the judges.
We the TCAA would like to Thank all the entrants for their efforts and participation.

Also a big Congratulations to the winners:

Bit and Spurmaking- Brian Hochstrat
Rawhide Braider- Bret Haskett

A special thank you to Joseph and Linda Sherwood, along with the High Noon staff for their support and hard work. Also to our judges for going above and beyond.

Bit and Spur Judges- Wilson Capron, Russell Yates and Bill Heisman.
Rawhide Braiding Judges- Leland Hensley, Nate Wald, and Mehl Lawson.

The TCAA would also like to thank everyone who came by the TCAA booth. It was great to see you all, please come see us in October in Oklahoma City!