Dear Applicants to the Emerging Artist Competition,

Thank you for applying and showing interest in our program.  Below you will find the 11 saddle makers chosen for our contest.  If your name isn’t listed we appreciate your participation and look forward to hearing from you again.  We are here to help.

For those participating in the contest we will need a bio and a personal photo for promotional purposes.  If you already sent a photo and bio that you are satisfied with great.  Just respond back letting me know to use what you sent.  For those wanting to update things a little better I will need those soon.  I will be sending that to the folks of the High Noon Show the first week of November.  Please review the rules and expectations below.  If you have any questions please let us know.  We look forward to visiting with everyone in Mesa, AZ.


Brandon Ward
Bryan Oliver
Cody Briggs
Cordell Hatch
Don Gonzales
Dusty Smith
Jean Luc Parisot
Lloyd Bradshaw
Mike Eslick
Tad Knowles
Terry Henson

The Rules:

• You must attend to be in the competition.
• You are responsible for your own piece, if you want insurance you must supply it. The

Traditional Cowboy Arts Association, its members, or Brian Lebel’s High Noon Auction & Show are not responsible for you or your work.

• Each participant is allowed one(1) item;
• Your piece has to be at the TCAA Emerging Artist booth – High Noon Action & Show, Mesa Convention Center, Mesa, AZ by 10:00am Friday January 20, 2017.
• Dismissal 3pm Sunday.

You are welcome to sell your work at the show but please just step out of the booth to do so.  The public will be viewing your work all day Saturday and Sunday so take the opportunity to make new connections.  It’s up to you to engage with them.

Things to Remember:
•  Although this is a competition the TCAA is trying to build community between Craftspeople, we believe the Emerging Artist weekend is a great opportunity for everyone to exchange ideas and form friendships both furthering their disciplines.
•  TCAA members and Judges in attendance are all there on a volunteer basis to try to further Western Craftsmanship and camaraderie in the disciplines.
•  Everyone in attendance is expected to be polite and professional – those who are not will be asked to leave.
•  If you would like a critique of your work from the Judges that will be available but if you don’t ask it won’t be given.

Please come and enjoy!

Hotel accommodations – there are many in the area, here is the Host Hotel for the show (ask for High Noon Rate)

Phoenix Marriott Mesa
200N Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ
Phone 1-800-835-9873 or 480-898-8300

Below you will find an itinerary for what we have planned in Mesa.  We have tried to improve your experience in Mesa by giving you a schedule of events to refer back to.

• You and your work need to be at the TCAA booth area by 10am
• Booth set up will happen the majority of the day
• Meet and Greet late afternoon / early evening hours.  A definite time has yet to be set because of scheduling with the Convention Center.  We will keep you informed, but make plans to attend

• 9am – 12pm TCAA judging
• 1pm – 4pm will be an open forum.  The disciplines will separate into individual rooms to talk shop.  You will have the judges at center stage to ask anything you want.  This is your opportunity to get your questions answered.  We will cover everything from the nuts and bolts of how we create to the business side of making a living doing what we love.  It will be up to you to bring the questions.  The more interaction we have, the better this time will be.
• 5pm  Winners announced.  Everyone will be asked to attend the opening of the High Noon Auction where we are given time to announce the winners. The two winners will be called to the front for a quick photo.

• 9am – 12pm Optional Critiques.  If you are interested in getting a critique of your work it is up to you ask.  We will be glad to explain what we find in your piece, but we don’t want to force our opinions on anyone.  The disciplines will gather in a room to discuss the work with an open mind of simply improving what we do.  There is something for us all to learn from each other’s work.
• Dismissal is 3pm.  You can not leave until 3pm Sunday to ensure a quality show is present for the public to view.  Please make plans accordingly.  If you have problems then let us know please.

Wilson W. Capron
6238 Green Oaks Dr.
Christoval, TX 76935