The 5th annual TCAA Emerging Artist Competition was held at Brian Lebel’s High Noon Auction and Sale. This year saw the eleven Saddlemakers competing from all over North America with one from France. Saturday evening the winners were announced in front of over 500 people just before the Famed auction began.

First place – Mike Eslick, Oklahoma- winnings $2500.00 plus an expense paid trip to TCAA 19th annual Exhibition and Sale, Cowboy Crossings at the NC&WHM in Oklahoma City. Making the value of Mikes winnings $4000.00.

Second place – Jean-Luc Parisot, France- winnings $1000.00. Third place- Terry Henson, Texas- winnings $500.00.

Peoples Choice Award – for the first time in the competitions history it was split between the 1st and 2nd place winners! Mike Eslick and Jean-Luc Parisot.

Splitting the $500 each received $250.

Thank you to the Judges –

TCAA founding member Chuck Stormes and TCAA member Troy West. Also to all that participated, what a talented bunch of guys!

Special Thanks to our sponsors-

Brian and Melissa Lebel
Alan and Nadine Levin
Greg Braddock
Bob Sandroni
Along with the efforts of Scott Hardy and Wilson Capron