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The Journey of a Craftsman

The craftsman’s journey is one that can be exhausting with no reward in sight if one is not careful.  I think it is important a person approaches the journey very carefully and has their mind in the right place.  That is the hardest part of what I do. Maybe I shouldn’t say the hardest, but […]


Progression of a Santa Barbara Bit

One of the most challenging things for an artist, I believe, is to be fresh with their creativity and keep it new and interesting to the viewer from one year to the next.  As TCAA members, we are required to create the three best pieces we have ever made each and every year.  This task […]

From the workbench of bit maker Wilson Capron

In this these photos below bit and spur maker Wilson Capron shares with us the project he is crafting for the 2013 Cowboy Crossings showing a complete progression of his craft. This is the initial drawing of my TCAA 2013 Globe bit.  I first draw things out to secure my design before I start the metal work. The […]


Bit Structure & Function

The bit can be an intimidating piece of equipment to understand. However, if you break down the five structure points of a bit and examine how they affect the four pressure points of a horse’s mouth, bit function becomes something easier to comprehend. A bit applies pressure to a horse’s palate, tongue, bars and curb. […]