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Saddlers Gathering

The saddlers gathered at Rick’s place in Star, Idaho last week. We spent two days talking saddles and leatherwork. A good bit of the time was spent critiquing one another’s work and discussing ideas for the future. Discussion circled around saddles, trees, ground seats, leather, tools, techniques, history, and a bunch of other related stuff. […]

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Why a miniature saddle?

Pictured (click to enlarge): 1) Scott Hardy silver and gold horn cap. 2) Detail of the bronc figure in the dish of the cantle after the cantle binding has been sewn. 3) Saddle ready to ship. Mike’s question caught me a little flat-footed. I was in the middle of my main TCAA project for this […]


Report: High Noon Show 2013

Emerging Artist Competition. Saddlemakers and silversmiths gathered in Mesa, Arizona to participate in the first annual Emerging Artist Competition. Work was evaluated for aesthetic value as well as function, with the results of the competition as follows: Matt Litz (Texas) winning the silversmith award, and Conley Walker (Idaho), taking home the saddlemaking prize. The winners […]


The Ground Seat

Published in the 2012 July / August  Issue of Eclectic Horseman Magazine Saddle makers are often asked what a person should look for in a comfortable saddle. Though it is a fair question, a simple answer is tough to come by. The key lies in what is called the ground seat. Although many riders are […]


You’re An Artist

Any craftsman who has taken it upon himself to refine his work has heard this statement. The comment usually implies that one is no longer “just a craftsman” and has ascended to the rank of “artist”. It is almost as if one goes to bed a craftsman, and wakes up an artist. It is as […]