The TCAA Affiliate Bios In Brief


Don R. Bellamy

Founding TCAA Secretary/Treasurer.  Affiliate volunteer since the founding in 1998.  35 years in Agricultural Lending and Commercial Banking.   Lives on his ranch in North Fork, Idaho.   The concept and origin of the TCAA was first formally discussed and conceptualized at this location in 1998.  Interests include all things about the North American West and its history.

Kent McCorkle

Kent was introduced to the CSU college room mate and T.C.A.A. Secretary Don Bellamy at the association’s first organizational meeting in Elko, NV. From the very start he recognized the fire, passion, and artisanship that each of these master craftsmen brought to their respective disciplines and wanted to be a part of it. That desire remains today and he fervently continues to embrace the mission and purpose of the association.

Growing up in a 4th generation Colorado family at the edge of the Wet Mountains, Kent was raised to love and appreciate all aspects of the western culture and lifestyle. This deep seated love of the West naturally lead to cowboying jobs on historic local ranches in addition to his responsibilities at home. Love of his country and an appreciation for the privilege of living in it lead to 4 years of active service in the USN. After regaining his sea legs Kent went on to study economics and business at Colorado State University.

In 1978 he embarked on a career in the investment business joining the top drawer Denver based investment banking firm of Boettcher & Company. Growth in the economy, the region and the firm propelled the young banker up through the ranks resulting ultimately in his selection as a partner, then SVP and head of the futures and options trading department. While a Wall Street career beckoned, Kent never lost sight of his roots nor his home in Colorado, choosing instead to balance his life style with the allure of the corporate world. He currently works for a large multi-national investment company responsible for some of the company’s strategic relations.

Kent is an avid outdoorsman and horseman. He is happiest enjoying a warm afternoon horseback with one or two close friends and a loyal dog, maybe combing the eastern edge of the Wet Mountains for the lost traces of the local Spanish desperado Juan Mace.

Domingo E. Hernandez

Born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba and grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Always has been passionate about the horse since childhood. The great western actors and films of the 20th Century ignited his interest in the American West. He served in the U.S. Air Force and the Air National Guard, and received a B.S. from the University of Puerto Rico. In 1987 joined the United States Secret Service as a Special Agent, assigned to the Miami Field Office. A veteran responsible for protecting U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents and their families, as well as numerous foreign heads of state.  Also, accountable for safeguarding Americans at major events and for securing America’s financial system.

Since 1992 has owned and ridden American Quarter Horses and participated in performance events. Furthermore, has participated in several historical rides across the State of Florida and earned the status of “Honorary Florida Cracker.” Through his extensive travel he has assisted several rawhide braiders from the United States in their quest for information regarding rawhide braiding in Argentina and the Gaucho’s cultural legacy.  As a TCAA affiliate member and “Ambassador of the TCAA” has frequently participated as interpreter/translator during rawhide seminars and workshops, as well as exhibits in furtherance of public education. Furthermore, he has assisted in the translation of articles published by Range Magazine, Ranch & Reata and Western Horseman.