2 amazing pieces from two of the TCAA’s founding members. Hopefully you can make it down for the show to see theses works of art live and up-close! Perhaps take them home? We’ll see you there!

By Ernie Marsh for the 2013 Cowboy Crossings Show
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This piece is adapted from the old snake pattern of the late 1800’s, a loose jawed Barqueno mouthpiece makes it a very versatile piece for almost any broke parade or movie horse  with 18 kt gold inlays, fine silver inlays and large sterling conchos w/ 14 kt accents. I  enjoy working with some of these old classic patterns with a focus on function and with the artistic freedom to express my own style techniques.

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By Scott Hardy for the 2013 Cowboy Crossings Show


Fully filigreed, Sterling Silver baby rattle with overlaid TCA logo and hand sculpted figure. Lariat rapped around hand piece.