2014 TCAA Workshops

The 2014 workshops, co-hosted by the TCAA and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and presented by TCAA instructors, will focus on saddle making with particular attention to the areas that are often the most problematic to saddlers.

dev cult tcaa12 cs_0117 February 11-14, 2014, “Details of Saddlemaking” will be held in the Museum’s Nona Jean Hulsey Rumsey Art Education Center. John Willemsma will concentrate on several common problem areas including fitting a saddle seat, different styles of cantles and cantle bindings, riggings, horns and covering both Wade-style forks and also one requiring a welt or seam.

This will involve intermediate to advanced instruction with many practical solutions. The program is styled for a class of 15 participants.

IMG_4382PH BWThe fall 2014 workshop, October 7-10, is “Saddle Tree, Selection and Fit” led by Chuck Stormes will be of interest to both saddle makers and serious horsemen. It is intended to demystify the terminology, geometry and anatomy involved in selecting a tree that is suitable for the horses, rider and specific use intended. It is NOT a course in how to make a saddle tree but will give insight into the variables and adjustments that are possible on the part of the tree maker.

The presentation can accommodate an enrollment of at least 24 participants. Due to limited enrollment, these classes fill quickly so call early to hold a spot in the workshop. Advance reservations are required for both workshops. For further information and enrollment call (405)478-2250, Ext. 277.