2018 October Workshop

October 2 – 5, 2018 Saddlemaking
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Classrooms A and B

In conjunction with the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association’s 20th annual Exhibition & Sale, the TCAA provides a rare opportunity for four days of saddlemaking instruction by founding members Cary Schwarz and Chuck Stormes. Schwarz will cut and fit the parts and construct a saddle while Stormes explains the procedure in detail, provides background information, and answers questions. Limited to 20 participants, this workshop is suitable for beginner to expert leatherworkers. $680 per person, $600 per Museum member.

For more information, email: education@nationalcowboymusuem.org.

2018 February Workshop

February 12-14, Monday-Wednesday

Traditional Cowboy Arts Association (TCAA) members Pedro Pedrini and Troy West claim whether you call it leather carving, tooling, or stamping, you can hone your skills with the comprehensive workshop they are presenting. This hands-on workshop in the Museum’s Nona Jean Hulsey Rumsey Art Education Center covers tool modification, drawing floral layout, and floral carving. Instructors will provide many practical solutions for improving leather designs. Suitable for beginner to intermediate students, class size is limited to 15 for better individual instruction. RSVP today!

Beginner to expert, 3 days, limited to 15 participants.

2018 October Workshop 

October 2-5, Tuesday-Friday

Saddlemaking with Cary Schwarz and Chuck Stormes

Cary will cut and fit the parts and construct a saddle while Chuck explains the procedure in detail, provides background information and answers any and all questions from participants.

Beginner to expert, 4 days, limit of 20 participants.


About The TCAA Workshops

Jean Luc Parisot Workshop

Above is a short film of European leather case making taught by Jean Luc Parisot of Saumur, France with Pedro Pedrini and Cary Schwarz. Filmed in the Spring of 2009 by Adam Jahiel and produced in partnership betwen the TCAA and the National Cowboy Museum, the film shows some of old world techniques for hand stitching that are getting lost to time. — at Saumur, France.

The program that has been in place for several years of providing $500 scholarships to those needing assistance to attend mentoring sessions or workshops has helped many aspiring craftspeople.

Having distributed over $70,000 through that program, the TCAA has decided that a more targeted approach and a more substantial investment in each recipient will better address the urgency of providing educational opportunities to a number of highly motivated craftspeople who have moved beyond group workshops and would benefit from intensive mentoring in areas tailored to their specific needs.

Founded in 1998,the TCAA launched its education program with an engraving workshop in 2001. During the past nine years that program has grown to include two annual workshops and a seminar hosted by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, individual mentoring and TCAA scholarships. The results are impressive:

  • 103 Craftsmen have received cash scholarships to help further training and education.
  • $59,700 is the amount paid to participants in this program to date.
  • 216 craftsmen have been personally mentored in various TCAA members shops and studios.
  • 220 craftspeople have attended TCAA workshops hosted by National Cowboy Museum.
  • 45 speakers participated in TCAA seminars to perform free lectures on various aspects of craftsmanship and cowboy culture.
  • 394 One of a kind pieces have been created by TCAA members for the annual exhibition and sale.
  • 657 is the number of years experience represented by TCAA members.
  • 19 members of the TCAA include thirteen elected and six founding members; an important milestone reached in 2007.

TCAA Member are available for mentoring individuals as well as conducting workshops and lectures. For details please contact info@tcowboyarts.org