Membership in the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association

MembershipThe membership of TCAA is made up of select individuals with established reputations as saddlemakers, silversmiths, bit and spur makers, and rawhide braiders. They are all legitimate heirs to a legacy that tracks back to the classical vaquero tradition of Visalia saddles, Santa Barbara bits, and Ortega rawhide.

The artist members accept membership applications from western craftspeople within the four disciplines it presently represents but seventy-five per cent of the active membership must approve candidates in an annual review process. All work must combine artistic quality with genuine practicality—so that even when pieces may genuinely be considered fine art, the over-riding criterion is one of use and function.

Founding Members:
Michael Beaver, Emeritus Rawhide Braider
Mark Dahl, Emeritus Bit and Spur Maker
Mark Drain, Emeritus Silversmith
John C. Ennis, Emeritus Bit and Spur Maker
Scott Hardy, Silversmith
Dale Harwood, Emeritus Saddlemaker
Bill Heisman, Emeritus Bit and Spur Maker
Don King, Emeritus Saddlemaker
Ernie Marsh, Bit and Spur Maker
Al Pecetti, Emeritus Silversmith
Cary Schwarz, Saddlemaker
Chuck Stormes, Saddlemaker
Al Tietjen, Emeritus Bit and Spur Maker