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The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association is dedicated to preserving and promoting the skills of saddlemaking, bit and spur making, silversmithing and rawhide braiding and the role of these traditional crafts in the cowboy culture of the North American West.


Bit Making Workshop

EMARSHWorkshop will include instruction on the function of the bit, the proper fabrication of the mouthpiece and shank and wrap up with discussion on the best business practices as they pertain to bit and spur making.
February 10-13, 2015


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The Cowboy Crossings


You are invited to come be a part of the efforts of the TCAA and celebrate with us our Western Heritage and Craftsmanship. Come visit the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and rediscover a uniquely American form of art.


Emerging Artists’ 2015

313 (2)The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association is now accepting entries for the 2015 TCAA Emerging Artists’ Competition to be held January 24-25 2015 at High Noon Western Americana Auction and Sale in Mesa, Az.

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